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Kewel People...Kewel Pages

Bjazz27 Home: What can I say the Kids a Nebraska Fan, Its not all his Fault you Know,His Mom & Dad are Nebraska fans to Besides they made me put the kids link up....*LOL*...Just TEASING you JoJo
Bella'sFirst: NICE JOB BELLA....Keep up the good Work....Go see Bella's Home page & besure to tell her I sent you .....<SMILE>
Deans Home Page: Not Bad 4 a Guy who 3 days ago didn't Know what "HTML" was, I think his SIS helped him on this one ....WAY TO GO DEB....snicker,snicker,snicker
Welcome Home!: Deanna is ready to offer you many options for your relocation to the Southern Coast. The listings are updated constantly for your viewing and house hunting pleasure.
BJ's Traumatic Brain Injury page: need i say more....Nice Job BJ....Keep up the GOOD WORK
THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME : You Gotta see this page ....Very Nicely DONE .....JOY
Pinkie's Place : VERRY VERRY COOL PAGE ....Yall go VISIT Chris now ya hear....(:{)} & TELL UM Bo sent ya....
Reclaim Michael Adamson, Your Life, Health, Sanity, and Financial Freedom : Don't let this guy fool ya , he's got a heart of GOLD & a sence of Humor to match & not a bad webpage either oh yea if you are looking for a Buisness Opertunity then this is the man to see ....
Barbaras Help Page : NICE JOB BARB , I see you have been praticeing your HTML again.....:) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
The Bear's Den : Don't let the name fool ya she is more of a TEDDY BEAR then anything else
Ney's Page : WOW NEY !!!!!!! Your page has sure grown sence I was last there ....NICE !!!! Home page KIDOOOOO
Dr.Kim's Medicine : GREAT !!!! PAGE.....Doc.....Not feelin well ? then go Visit Dr.Kim's Medicine page ....lots of healthy stuff here.....
Tony Ion GLUGA : VERRY COOL....When I GROW UP I hope I can build web pages like Tony's
Bob James/James Gang: I don't know what to say about this page you will just have to go see it for yourself....(:{)}
Bratty's World: LOTS OF Freebies and Income Opportunities HERE ...Also Deb is Deans BIG SISTER , so you know where he got his WebPage Building TALLENT from....*LMAO*

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