(:{)}....YES ! THIS IS A PICTURE OF MY BRAIN !!....(:{)}

HI! My name is Beckett. ( you can call me Bo ) I have been disabled sense 1990, due to a head on collision that put my head through the windshield of my car. Which caused a TBI( Traumatic Brain Injury ) as a result, I have Seizure like Episodes (not to be confused with Epilepsy),so my Doctors say : walks like a dog, peeeees on a fire hydrant, HEY!it must be a dog! NOT! Try telling that to the Doctors. Duuuuuh !!!!!!!! *LOL*

This page was created with the sincere Hope that it may help others like myself to recover from *TBI* & just maybe find a few friends along the way. That understands the problems that are Assoaited with*TBI*,(like nobody else can.)

See i know that there are GOOD people in this world that want to understand & want to help like the: Doctors,Family & Friends...*GOD BLESS THEM* & They can help ( LET THEM !) but nobody can Possibly understand ,the FRUSTRATION of loosing the abilities,they once had. Unless they have gone through a Brain injury them selves.

On this page you will find people that understand,through my links to *TBI* chat rooms ,Home pages & other sites. Just click on the links & ENJOY !

PLEASE STOP BACK OFTEN AS THIS SITE IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION , I will be changing the links OFTEN ...& adding new pages as i GROW .

you can E-Mail through the link at the bottom of this page......SEE YA ON THE NET.....

EASY DOES IT...Bo..(:{)}


  TBI...HomePage Listing's & Chat Room
  VECCS. Disabilty Management
  Brain Injury Ass. of North Carolina
  MEDCON.Toll-Free Consultation
  TBI Support Group.
  TBI Law
  Bear's Cave
  Trumatic Brainjury and Common Problems
  Caregiver Information for Traumatic Brain Injury
  Quality Living: Brain Injury Rehab
  HUNT for Success
  The Joseph Corpina Foundation

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