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HI , My name is Beckett , Yes That is really my name , Its not my fault . Talk to my Parents about it . Anyways you can call me Bo. That's short for BoBo, that was my nick name as a child , Well unless you talk to my Mother & then she will tell you it still is ...(:o{(} but anyway it got shortened over the years to Bo . So I prefer Bo or BoBo over Beckett . People keep getting Beckett confused with my last name . go figure, seeing's how it was my fathers mothers madden name .Don't Ask ! well I'm a 44 yr. old male , just recently separated from my wife ( soon to be Divorced ) I have 2 Lovely daughter's Shawn & Crystal . & of course my best Friend Alex ( my Dog ) whom I take everywhere . I love to Camp , Fish , go Canoeing,& take long walks with Alex . I also like science fiction, Horror Movies (the bloodier the better ) I love Music, just about everything BUT *RAP CRAP*!!!!!! but mostly I love the Blues & OLD ROCK & ROLL. I like honest People that have a good sense of humor & that are Fun Loving, But most of all I like to laugh with my friends , We have a great time . I have been Disabled sense 1990 , due to a head on collision that put my head through the windshield of my car . But I Feel much better NOW ! *snicker,snicker,snicker*.......(:o{)} which caused TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury ) as a result , I have Seizure like Episodes not to be confused with Epilepsy, (so my Doctors say : walks like a Dog pisses on a fire hydrant , HEY ! it must be a dog ! NOT ! *ROFLMAO* ) Try telling that to the Doctors . Duuuuuh !!!!!!!! *LOL* & they say Ihave a BRAIN INJURY ! oh well , Doctors have no sense of humor anyway . (:o{)} Oh yea , back to my story , another symptom of TBI is long term & short term memory loss , which makes it real hard to remember Jokes , among other things......heee,heee,heee,.... but I seem to manage pretty darn good . well that pretty much covers everything, Hope I didn't BORE YOU To Much.

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